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Live Campaign Tracking

Save 50% of your brands influencer marketing time and effort.
Easily search, get influencer reports, and join hands with the right ones for you.
Manage live campaigns, see results, and improve.

Live Campaign Tracking

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Influencer Marketing!

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Find and know influencers that Align with your brand.

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Collaborate with them for your Brand campaigns.

Woman with personal brand managing online presence or identity

Track your Campaigns, get results, and improve.

Easily Search for Influencers with our Influencer Discovery Tool

We recommend a list of influencers based on your brand (personality and vision) and the campaign (audience, location, and social media channels).

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Influencer Report

Evaluate Influencers with our Influencer Report

We help you know the quality of your chosen influencers through a report that shows numbers such as Consistency and Overall Starbuzz Score.

Influencer Report

Track your Brand Campaigns with our Live Campaign Tracking

Our platform lets you collaborate for a brand campaign, launch it, and ensure it stays on track from start to finish and reaches its set goal.

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Campaign Reports

Get Campaign Reports to Set Yourself up for Growth

We track and share a report of campaign metrics such as ROI, budget spent, and CPM that will enable you to improve your influencer marketing.

Influencer Report
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