We enable both Brands and Influencers to become Rock-“Stars”

With our SaaS platform, brands save at least 50% of their influencer marketing time and effort. Influencers grow by showcasing their skills and working with awesome brands.

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The Journey Roadmap

Our Philosophy

Influencer Marketing will Become Mainstream

People's social circle today has gone beyond their family, friends, people they meet at work and on their way, and people they cross paths with at a cafe.

It's all thanks to online and, more so, the social media world.

Today, people love to find, connect, and support people who align with their personalities and values and share about things they adore.

Brands can leverage this relationship, this behaviour of people, and the perception of social media to make themselves more human.

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Our Values


We believe that trust is what we want and have earned from Brands and Influencers. Through our platform, we share reports and help Brands and Influencers be confident, informed, and feel safe about their partnership.


Where there's no transparency, there's no trust. Our SaaS platform enables Brands and Influencers to connect, negotiate, collaborate, closely watch their campaign's progress, and work on the feedback together.


We are in the business of bringing the spotlight to Brands and Influencers. Hence, we closely listen to them to spot and work on areas to improve and possibilities to explore.

Our Team